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Practicality: Bringing Mindfulness & Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever tried meditation, and just had trouble sitting down?

You're not alone.

But meditation and mindfulness aren't always synonymous with sitting down or being still. There are a few short, simple practices you can do while driving, running, waiting in an elevator, or even eating. And one of the easiest of this is a short meditation that I call the Three Things. It's a simple thinking practice that allows you to connect with the things that you enjoy the most in life as follows:

What are three things you love?

Three things you're thankful for?

And three things you'd like to see in your life?

Taking five minutes each day to answer these questions honestly, inside of yourself, can produce amazing results. This thinking exercise can be done almost anywhere, and it connects you with the things that truly matter to you in your life. Your answers may stay the same, but more than likely they will change, and probably every day at that.

So this is an opportunity to get to know yourself. To find your true self, and your true feelings.

Give the Three Things meditation a try. Below is a link to help guide you through it.

Enjoy :)

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